what is natural perfume?

Natural perfumery requires great patience, a re-learned sense of smell, an understanding of natural elements and raw materials, and the consciousness they carry.

At Myrrh and Moksha, alchemy is a reference to the transmutation of plant matter into something ethereal; that which cannot be precisely defined but calls to be personally experienced.

Natural perfumes are made using essential oils and absolutes, tinctured plant matter, resins, a safely denatured alcohol base (for parfums and eau de toilettes), beeswax and jojoba oil base (for solid perfumes). These raw materials are found in nature and extracted using processes that don’t require chemicals. Natural perfumes are non-toxic but should be patch tested on the skin as it is still possible for allergic reactions to occur. 

Myrrh and Moksha botanical perfumes are products of artistic expression that allow the perfumer to share moments of conscious creativity with others. The olfactory nerve is directly linked to the central nervous system and the emotional memory centre, which is why scent can evoke emotions, spark memories and awaken the senses to the present moment, all at once.