M & M fragrance candles are hand crafted using beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and pure essential oils. Our candles are created by perfumer KS, using the same method of inspiration and formulation carried out in the development of all M & M fine fragrances (these are not aromatherapy candles). 

Beeswax purifies the air and together with the pure cotton wick with brown paper filament, there is no soot while burning, or after extinguishing, your candle. 

The burn time for a 60g candle is 12 hours.

Candle care

These care tips apply to any candles you might have, not just ours.

For the first burn of a candle, always wait until the entire surface has melted before extinguishing. Trim the wick after each burn to prevent burnt bits falling back into the candle wax. 

We like to keep more than one lighter or box of matches around the home (put those little ceramic vessels you collect to good use), close to areas where candles are seated - this way evening candle lighting rituals can be carried out with ease.