TO ATTRACT LOVE OR TO BE IN LOVE - why do you wear fragrance?

Flowers, natural oils and blended perfumes have been used as aphrodisiacs since the 1300s (and earlier, before the first official perfumes were made).

During those ancient times when mythology and superstition held reverence, kings and queens were known to solicit rare delicacies such as animal genitalia to be cooked and eaten for sexual arousal and performance, or spices that we use freely today, like cardamom, ginger, caraway, pepper, cinnamon and cloves to seduce those they desired. It was a kind of magic, they thought, in most cases a seduction of the senses, not necessarily the heart. Casanova famously seduced a virgin by slipping a raw oyster into her mouth. Chocolate, champagne and foie gras are also hailed as aphrodisiacs, and yes, they do catalyse chemical reactions in the body that can affect our moods.  In the heat of an intimate moment they can fuel desire. But what happens when the ‘magic’ wears off and our moods change? 

When the nose happens upon a desirable scent and we intriguingly turn towards it, the intrigue can only be further engaged if the wearer carries both their own energy and the scent well. Yes, physical appearance does play a role in attraction but we are drawn to each other by energy more than anything else, whether of a romantic, friendly, or professional nature, there is a reason we prefer to work or play with certain people. Sometimes we can name the reasons and sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we say, ‘it was the champagne’, and mostly it was, with the slight numbing of logic and rush of endorphins. But when scent is carried by a wave of energy that compliments it, floats it well, I believe that is when we feel enamoured by a person’s presence. 


We usually choose a scent for the day or evening according to our mood. We might be feeling playful, sensual, confident, or we may want to put something on that makes us feel more in flow with one of these states. If you usually stick to one fragrance (the rest remaining hidden in a dark drawer), try experimenting with others - our preferences often change over time and even between seasons or times of the day. This exploration will not only help you discover what you like, it’ll also reveal the parts of you that you unknowingly keep to the shadows; the parts of you that are probably the most alluring.

It’s when you know more about yourself, what you like and don’t like, that you're able to feel so in tune with who you are that you wear your essence on your sleeve, adding to your life only the things that compliment that essence (whether experiences, people, accessories or fragrance). Making choices becomes easier because you trust your inner wisdom. 

If your intention is to attract, allow the attraction of You to float upon your scent rather than to be suffocated by it.

Be so in love with who you are that you never feel as though you have to try and do anything more to attract someone you desire, than simply be present, as yourself.