INDIGO CHILD was in creation for over a year. The story behind this fragrance began with a musing over childhood mischief and how that innocent mischief translates within us as adults. Galbanum and geranium were two favoured notes from conception, materials that to me, together capture a sense of edgy innocence.

The story continued to become layered by ideas of chance encounters and the freedom of spirit that usually lands us in places that inspire colourful connections. Through scent, I explore the kind of person that lives on the edge of innocence; picking flowers in a nature reserve for their beauty, oblivious to prohibition sign boards, swimming naked in mountain rivers, believing in a feeling rather than a telling.

Indigo Child skips of youth, surprise, fresh outlooks and unassuming fruity floral notes. It was a privilege to work with osmanthus oil for this creation, which comes from a creamy white little osmanthus flower indigenous to Asia. It offers up playful fruity, peach/apricot notes. The green top notes extend in a light powdery drying down, into juniper berry, to become a floating botanical bed for the fruity floral middle notes, an extra creaminess of a hint of sandalwood at the base.

Indigo Child carries both masculine and feminine characteristics, as do each of us. Which is one of the reasons we don't label our fragrances as 'for men' or 'for women'. We'd like you to experience our fragrances as you, so that you can engage in developing your own language around fragrance and choose according to your nose and personal experience of it. Sometimes we feel the need to enhance a lighter side of ourselves, at others a stronger self. Sometimes we feel the urge to lose inhibition, be swayed by the wind and rediscover forgotten loves