Sometimes a fragrance story is inspired by a material before an idea. I fell in love with mimosa while I was in Paris, early 2020.

Mimosa trees lined the shop fronts of Parisian florists as if to cheer on the hope of Spring in the February air. Upon return home to SA I spotted the same trees flowering along a river in the Kamberg near a small farm I often visit with my family (never having noticed the mimosas in the past). When we were finally able to source some of this precious golden material from France (more golden in its essence than the actual flower which is quite yellow), the story came all at once. It would capture the essence of a luminary; one whose wisdom and insights light the way for others. A revered individual who exudes presence, and is dedicated to delving into the mysteries of life to better understand it.

the nature of our imagined luminary carries an essence that is grounded through reverence, sophisticated in thought and subtle in expression. At times unexpected in presentation. These qualities are what we intend to perceive through the 10 precious materials that have been blended together to create