SCOUTS pouches

We love creating with local KZN based artisan ECOGEM.  

Our 100% cotton pouches remain as soft cocoons for our solid perfume invitation collection, but we've removed the drawstring (from the candle pouches too) so that the bag folds out, or in more, to the size that is most convenient for your reuse purposes. The pouch folds out long enough to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste, travel jewellery, Barbie clothes & Barbie, sunglasses and many other things we don't like to leave home without. 

The new SCOUTS pouches for M & M stand alone solid fragrances were such fun to design and perfectly timed to be the first products Ecogem created using the new cream coloured Future Felt, a fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. There are 3 different SCOUTS pouches to collect (crescent moon & rectangular varieties). Keep your solid fragrances in them or repurpose them as money or card holders, jewellery protectors, gift pouches or whatever your heart desires (all M & M branding is removable).