We've just released our first bigger, 161g candle, which means more burn time and a new scent journey for you to embark upon. This candle comes straight from the heart of perfumer KS; 

the many depths of love all come back to one,

ONELOVE to bind us all.

Feel the love,

every kind.

{scent evocation} a wooded thicket, an entwined shadow of roses, a gathering of critters wanting to love and be loved, as they gnaw upon bittersweet nutmeg seeds.   

You may notice that ONELOVE is a lot more yellow in colour than our other candles. This is because we're now using beeswax from South Africa, rather than Germany. Previously we weren't able to source beeswax pellets locally (pellets are more practical for melting purposes than a beeswax slab). While the previous beeswax we used was natural and superb in quality, the SA beeswax holds a more intense pollen-full fragrance. From now on all our candles will be crafted using this beeswax, in our efforts to try our best to keep our business local. 

In other candle news, keep an eye on our social media pages for our holiday fragrance launching soon.