INSPIRATION & INTENTION BEHIND SAT NAM perfumed castile wash for hands

I'd been contemplating a hand wash for a while, wondering whether it was necessary to introduce one to the M & M product range, considering what is already on the market. Upon observation I noticed a gap for a natural hand wash that is locally made, in particular with fragrance at the heart of its creation.  

This exploration into hand wash and the nature of it, lead me to wonder a bit more about the times I choose to wash my hands. I realised that washing hands is not just about cleansing bacteria, it's also about coming home to one's own skin. I'm aware that I usually wash my hands after returning home from being out, having been in touch with things that aren't part of an environment I created. There's a sense of being in one's own 'bare skin' again after washing hands. Reconnecting with your essence; with yourself and your energy.

If we can go about our daily routines and rituals with even a tiny bit of intention, or awareness, perhaps it will inadvertently prompt us towards more mindful purchases when considering the kinds of products we invite into our spaces. 

Sat Nam is produced using a locally made pure castile soap (from coconut oil), into which our M & M created Fragrance is blended. The fragrance is aromatic and fresh with an intention to create a closer to nature experience during which one might even imagine washing hands in a natural spring -  an immediate portal for the senses. 

SAT NAM is a Sanskrit term. It translates as truth is my essence, or the truth is within me - these words carry the vibration of an intention to be your true self. We chose this name to encourage a mindful moment with yourself each time you wash your hands; to offer a reminder to reconnect with your true self.

We hope that Sat Nam wash for hands fills a gap on your kitchen or bathroom sink, to please and nurture the eyes, the senses, the mind and our greater environment (in its re-usable & recyclable glass bottle).