How to Generate Your Own Dream Diffuser: The perfume your dreams make...

A dream is a dream because it exists in another state; a state of mind where thoughts are allowed to run away with themselves to far fetched locations.

Rooted in the news of the day, watching the ever increasing exchange rate and witnessing the growth of world wide crises, words flung become flying carpets carrying seeds of impending doom, promptly delivered onto even the most innocent brainwaves.

I wonder what the world will be like when I’m an adult, ponders the 9 year old girl as we venture out into the fresh morning air. A profound question, I think. I wonder what possibilities she imagines. Thoughts of pollution and climate change jump to my mind and I hope these aren’t the things that shape her imaginings.

When I think about my work and creating, there is another world I enter into…

When the bones of a dream begin to grow skin, apparitions framed by glimmers of hope and possibility sashay through the psyche whirling up a familiar feeling of excitement. The characters in the dream are imaginary, even if they involve oneself; this version of her does not yet exist. But for the sake of creating new things, for believing that we have a full and productive life to live in the days to come, we must imagine ourselves in such a way. If not of our own future imagining, whose dreams will influence our path-making? If we let the characters dance freely enough, they may begin to dance us to a place where dreaming becomes a lifeline. Big dreaming can sketch neural trails through the brain and when enough of them converge, we may even begin to believe that we can bring them into existence; to convince ourselves to stroll out onto the trails, so that our footprints might become route markers for others still finding their way.

The thing that occurred to me this week, is that dreams for creating and growing into a life that feels dreamlike, can only be procured in colour. As soon as the black and white reality check-ins and statistics of the day drop in, the dream dissipates. If we dream the dream in the sky of the mind and we keep sense of its essence until it alchemises with cerebral fluid, voila, a dream diffuser for the mind. Logic may be infused to bring the dream into the physical realm, but we must move with the attitude of the dream, wear its perfume and dress for the mood of it, to keep the scent of it diffusing through the atmosphere of our thoughts.

Remembering always, that thoughts and words become things. The word perfume means ‘through smoke’. The earliest version of perfume that humans created was in the form of burning woods and resins, like frankincense and myrrh, sending smoke signals and acknowledgements of some greater divine force, into the atmosphere and mystical realms. If the way we imagine and dream creates the essence of our mind state which in turn creates our personal reality, perhaps colour and fragrance are necessary ingredients for texturing the mind in a way that smooths out words before we send them out into the atmosphere.